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Do you need automatic employee shifts scheduling? Would you like to meet your employees needs while securing the optimal operation of your company? Your solution is AristoTelos.

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Optimal workforce while achieving required quality of service
  • Saving managers´ time
  • Flexible operation control
  • Reduction of turnover
  • In compliance with Labour Code


Well-balanced professional and personal life of your employees
  • Shift preferences and swaps
  • Fair approach to all
  • Online communication
  • Mobile application

Your clients

High-quality and timely service is essential for your client satisfaction
  • Customer experience
  • High-quality service
  • Staff ready for clients
  • Shorter waiting time

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Work volume forecast

for an upcoming period using automated historical data analysis is essential for successful planning. You can modify the forecast and create various scenarios, and thus adjust to changing conditions.

Capacity planning

secures the optimal number of staff in the course of the day, week and month so that the required quality of operation could be achieved. Long-term scheduling makes the recruitment smoother.

Employee needs collection

is processed online via mobile or web application. Employees might schedule their absences, days off, work shifts, car pooling and they might apply for unoccupied shifts.
Automatic shift scheduling

Automatic shift scheduling

guarantees that Labour Code and internal rules are observed. Roster is optimised in terms of operation as well as employee requirements. Out of billions of combinations this can give you the best solution.

Monitoring & operation control

supports monitoring of the occupancy rate, achieving the required quality of service and timely responding to constant changes in work volume, absences and employee requirements.

Reports & analyses

evaluate staff performance, shift schedule fulfilment and other required metrics. Payroll reports allow for automatic data export into the payroll system.

Our clients know this too

Who are we? Mathematicians enthusiastic about optimalization

We are a company whose management and staff are predominantly made by mathematicians. Our goal is to free smart and creative people from hours and hours of mundane work, which shift scheduling certainly is. Now, they could devote their time to meaningful work.

We have developed advanced mathematic algorithms, which allow us for completely automatic shift scheduling and which are far more efficient than processing the work by humans in real time. We have joined the science of math with the intuitive user interface, which is what makes our product accessible to common users.

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